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Our Features²

  • Monitor your staff activity with our Sits Tracking Feature!

  • Lookup Tebex Transaction IDs using our Tebex Verification Feature!

  • Never worry about missing a restart ping with our Restarts Announcements Feature!

  • Reward your members with priority for supporting you in their status with our Vanity Roles Feature!

  • Keep out trolls and rival server's staff with our Status Blacklist Feature!

  • Let your members introduce themselves with the Verification Feature!

  • Give your community a second chance by mass-unbanning in your server with the Mass Unbans Feature!

  • Support your customers, whichever language they speak with our Translation Feature!

  • Customise your bot with our Custom Bots Feature!

  • Show your current server status with our Statistics Feature!

  • Automatically thank your members for boosting with the Boost Responder Feature!

  • Allow your members to contact you with the Ticketing System!

  • Let your members give feedback about your staff with the Staff Feedback Feature!

... and so much more. Don't miss out. Make the switch today!

¹ Subject to availability. Does not include our full feature list.

²Some of these features are unavailable and/or in the development state, and therefore are currently unavailable.